Eating Habits for Weight Loss

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One of the most common problems for people that want to lose weight in Groton is that they have to overcome habits.  This article will help you to walk through this subject.

A common dictionary definition of HABIT is an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary. Well, what is the difference between a good and bad habit? The first thing that pops into my mind is that a good habit has good or beneficial outcomes and bad habits have outcomes that are not desirable. In relation to diet, we are talking DISEASE. If both are habits and are acquired through repetition, why do many of us have bad habits concerning our health?

Obesity, insulin resistance (Type 2 diabetes), hypertension and increased cholesterol are largely caused by poor dietary habits. This is more commonly known a Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. You only need two of the four to have this syndrome. The syndrome used to be exclusively in our senior aged population, but because of youthful bad habits we are seeing this in teenagers. It is estimated that our present generation of children will be the first generation to NOT exceed the life expectancy of their parents. Just another sign of bad habits, but now it gets serious; we are talking health or disease. Mom and Dad it is up to you.

If bad eating habits are major causes of obesity and related diseases then good eating habits can cause improved health and weight. I will admit that losing weight can be more than difficult. To prove my point, there are two times in life that weight loss is natural, when you are sick or dying. Sometimes we need a short term, unbalanced diet program to jumpstart weight loss and re-direct our eating habits. This direction of habits promotes healthy outcomes. By eliminating many of the carbohydrates, fat, calories and taking highly absorbable protein foods in our diet program, you are pushing your body to burn fat. Burning fat is a high energy fuel and reduces hunger and carvings. This is a diet program where you aren’t plagued by constant hunger and you have quicker weight loss than most diets. By restricting carbohydrates and fat, we improve pancreatic and insulin functions. This is important because insulin has two functions, lowering blood sugar and transporting the excess to the fat cells for storage. Our program reduces stress on the pancreas and helps regulate insulin once the four phase protocol is followed. This is the reason many of patients are able to reduce or eliminate diabetic, hypertensive and cholesterol medications.

In 30 months, our patients have lost over 15,000 pounds and hundreds of inches. We, the doctors, will meet with you weekly, coaching one on one. Patients frequently comment that their aches and pains go away. This is a non-inflammatory weight loss and health enhancement program.

Weight loss is not the end of the journey. We will work with you to help you maintain your successful weight loss, improved health, and healthy habits. Contact our team today to learn more.


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