Ideal Protein Weight Loss in Groton

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How the Method Works:

Weight Loss: The body has three sources of energy – carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.   You burn carbohydrates first for energy. Once the body has depleted its carbohydrates reserves, it will simultaneously draw on its protein and fat reserves for energy. The intake of our high-biological value protein isolates during the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method will help maintain muscle mass, vital organs and energy levels, allowing the body to turn to its fat reserves for energy.  A modified protocol is for Type 1 diabetics and adolescents.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method:

This program is a quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results. Our protein packets contain highly absorbable, high-biological value protein isolates combined with essential amino acids and are complemented with vitamins and mineral salts.

  • Average loss 2 to 5 lbs. per week
  • Primarily Promotes Fat loss
  • Helps to Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Tones and Revitalizes Skin
  • Treats Cellulite
  • Promotes Vitality and Energy
  • Naturally Suppresses Appetite
  • Re-establishes Pancreatic Function (insulin) and is an excellent treatment for type II diabetes
  • Provides Nutrition Education

Most dieters utilize three protein packs per day to help maintain muscle mass.  You also eat four cups of select vegetables one meal of meat, poultry or fish protein and all the salad greens you like.  You will take vitamin mineral supplements, olive oil, sea salt and hydration of 64 ounces of water.  These help to flush out toxins and maintain electrolyte balance.

Drs. Susan and Michael Falk are Chiropractic Physicians schooled in health, wellness and weight loss. At your weekly weigh ins we take time to answer your questions. Remember, there is no charge for this service. Our scales give you information such as: Weight, BMI, % fat, visceral fat and % hydration, bone mass, muscle mass, metabolic age and more.

You have our personal phone numbers if you have questions after business hours. The first few days on our program you are called to help ensure your success.

Our goal is to help improve your health and work with your personal physician on any medications that may have to be decreased or eliminated, such as blood pressure, diabetic and cholesterol medications. This is one of the beneficial effects of our Ideal Protein Weight Loss program.


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