145 lbs. LOST in 8 months

As a 375 pound 60 year old, I had a painful lethargic existence. Of course I have tried and failed at most of the other diet programs like most other overweight people.

I ran into a friend that lost a tremendous amount of weight and also looked healthy. I know people who have had gastro-intestinal bypass operations that do not look healthy. I asked my friend how he did it and he told me about the programs that Dr’s. Michael and Sue Falk administer.

I signed up for and attended one of their group meetings in April of 2012. From the beginning, I was impressed. Dr.’s Falk had me complete a detailed medical history and immediately started something that no other diet program did….they started teaching me about the need to rest my pancreas and eat a diet low in fats, carbohydrates and calories to lose weight. The heavy lifting only gets lighter with effort. It is not easy to commit to a diet of any kind, but the support of the staff at Falk Chiropractic enabled my success. The Falk Chiropractic weight loss program offers the convenience of one stop for weight loss counseling, vitamin supplements and good tasting weight loss protein products on a weekly basis that makes it easy to afford for those that are on a weekly budget. As a result of being on the program, I have lost 145 pounds in 8 months. There is a dramatic difference in the way that I feel. I do not have an out of breath painful existence any more and I credit the help, the guidance, counseling and program of Falk Chiropractic enabling me to lose weight as no other program has.

- Mike Maglio

100 lbs. LOST in 7 months!

100 lbs. LOST in 7 months!

125 lbs. LOST between two of us!

I am a 55 year old woman who has been over weight most all of my life. At 310 pounds it was difficult to walk up a flight of stairs or stand for long periods of time. I knew I had to lose weight. I searched for protein diets on the internet and came across Falk Chiropractic’s Ideal Weight loss of Groton. I called and made an appointment for an informational session. They explained the program and allowed me to try some of the Ideal Protein products. I decided it was a program I wanted to try.

I started the program that same week. In the first month I lost 19 pounds! It took some getting used to, but the results were so satisfying! There are a lot of choices within the Ideal Protein products, such as drinks, puddings, cereal, omelets, soups and snack type protein choices. This makes staying true to the program easy.

At the end of the second month I had lost 34.8 pounds. At the end of the third month I had lost 50.2 pounds and the weight is still coming off!! Now at the end of the ninth month I have lost 120 pounds. My goal is getting closer every week.

The office staff has been so supportive and helpful. I feel like they are my personal cheering section. The week I reached 100 pounds, Dr. Suecame out of the weight room with me and there in the hall were the office girls, Sandy and Kathleen, waiting to cheer and hug me! I always leave the office with a smile on my face. The encouragement and support I receive in this office is amazing!!

I you are looking for a program to lose weight I recommend Ideal Protein in Groton at the Falk Chiropractic Wellness and Weight Loss Center. This is a great program at a great office.

- Cheryl Land

I now eat to live and not live to eat. This program has changed my life. After 127 pound weight loss I have more energy than ever before. I weigh less now than high school and just turning 50 my children can’t keep up with me. No more back pains.

- Rose B

After 100+ pound loss I feel great and have more energy. My doctor took me off my cholesterol drug. Mentally I am finally focused on health and not food.

- Dave H.



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